Saturday, April 17, 2010

tiring week ;(

this week was totally sucks! i got fever on last monday, i dont know why im always got sick on mondayy. last week's monday pon fever jugak.adehhh. so as usuall after coming back frem OB's class on mondayy morning (around 10 o'clock) i will drop by the unisel clinics to see the doctors. Seeing the same doctor making me more sickk,she do recognize me.hahahaha pesakit tetap la kate kan ;p .so i've been given an extra dose of antibiotics and piriton (ubat flu). the evening class surely i tak pegi. alhamdulillah the next day dah getting better but flu and batuk je still KO.

So, since i've been feeling better i got to go to auditing class starting 9 am. Punye la susah payah bangun and everything. Just late fer few minutes maybe 10 minutes or 5 kot.masuk-masuk je class dah nak end.adehhh geram betol.better sambung tido je.then the evening class also have been cancelled.

the next dayy happened to be the same like yesterday.class tax have been cancelled for this week.

so this week i attended 2 classes onlyy duh. ahah and my precious saturday - i have to spend the whole day in main hall, listening to FRS CONVERGENCE! ta boleh ta pegi sebab dah bayar and madam aza will take marks. one thing good about it is we get to eat 3 times. ;)

i was hoping next week would be better.ouh shit there's tons of assignmentsss that have to be completed by tomorrow ;( bubyeee